Anticipating A New Year

I am excited for this semester at St. Mary’s and also a little nervous. One of the aspects I find interesting about this class is learning more about editing video. I am also excited that I will learn how to put background noise in my videos. This year, I hope to be able to learn more about conducting interviews. Some of the challenges I anticipate this semester are finding ample time to work on all the projects and being patient while working with Final Cut Pro. I think it may be difficult to find a time to interview the people since we all have different schedules. I think I can solve these worries by staying organized. It will be helpful if I schedule in times that I have to work on editing the videos. I can offer my interviewees multiple times that are available. I think that if I take my time on the projects, than Final Cut Pro will cooperate. This course relates to my career because I hope to possibly go into a field that involves journalism. The interviews will help me conduct interviews at my future job. This course also relates to my career because the projects will get me to talk to different people. I am thankful for the opportunity to take this class. I know I will learn a lot this semester and improve on some of my skills.

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