Ending the Semester

I have learned a lot of new skills this year in Media 2. I feel that this class has been beneficial. This class has helped me strengthen my communication skills technologically, visually, and interpersonally.
I learned to strengthen my technological communications skills by learning to use my recorder and camera to better capture something that I want to share to an audience. For example, through learning the five shot rule I was able to better show my audience the full picture of baking chocolate chip treasure cookies. They were able to see what my chief was doing when I did an over the shoulder shot. I have learned through the use of my editing skills what makes a good video. For example by learning to edit out filler words and unneeded video clips, my videos sounded and looked better.
I learned to strengthen my communication skills visually. By learning about the five shot rule and taking pictures from different angles, I was able to create projects that people will understand. Through these skills I have gained I can now communicate to people visually the emotion of a video by getting a close up of the face. I was able to show how much Maria Smith likes to sing and be involved with St. Mary’s chapel choir by getting a close up of the emotion in her face when she sings and directs. I was able to capture her laughing in a photo to show people who do not know Maria or about the chapel choir that they are a great group.
This class strengthened my interpersonal communication skills. I have learned how to ask questions and what questions to ask in an interview. I have also learned how to explain to other people that were in my videos about what I was doing in the class. I was able to get people to do my project by explaining to them what I wanted the video to portray. For example, when doing the CrossFit video I explained to the CrossFit class why I was there filming. Because I explained it to them well, they were helpful and were not shy when I was filming them.
These are how I strengthened my communication skills technologically, visually, and interpersonally. I feel that these skills I learned will benefit me I know I will continue to build on what I have learned in class.